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How to Unlock LG Phones from Sprint or Boost Mobile

    Do you have an LG locked to sprint or boost mobile?

    Tired of looking around for an unlock?

    Look no further! Unlocks are now here with us!

    What Carriers can be unlocked?

    Sprint / Boost Mobile

    How does it work?

    The entire service is brought to you remotely, this means, you do not have to leave your home to get your phone unlocked!

    As long as you have a Windows Computer, an original Samsung Cable to connect the phone to the computer & a stable internet, your phone is eligible to be unlocked!

    What if I owe payments?

    Not a problem at all! We unlock your device regardless of the payment status on it.

    Will the unlock work if my phone is blacklisted?

    Yes, this will unlock your blacklisted device. However, this does not mean your device will work within the blacklisted country since the device blacklist status will still remain. The device may still be used on other countries, where the IMEI is compatible.

    How do I unlock my phone?

    Free your phone from the current carrier they are locked to in 4 easy steps!

    1) Dial on your device *#06# and write the 15 Digit IMEI somewhere nearby

    2) Download & Install the latest version of TeamViewer on your Windows computer (click here to download)

    3) Run TeamViewer on your Windows Computer & write down the TeamViewer ID & Password Nearby

    4) Place the order & let us provide you a stress-free service.

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