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Tired of waiting for your company to unlock your phone?

Forgot the password to your Google Account?

Does your device have a damaged IMEI?

The solution to your phone is just a few clicks away

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Why people entrust us with their phones?

With over 7 years of experience in remote services, our team of experienced professionals service your device without ever damaging or voiding your warranty. Freeing your phone should not be a hassle, therefore, we commit ourselves on taking care of any & all additional steps that may be required to service your device, making your experience with GC Unlocks as smooth as possible.

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What is Remote Services & how does it work?

Works over the Internet

There is no need for physical contact in order to service your device. Remote Services is the latest cutting edge solution that allows you to get your device serviced from any where as long as you have a windows computer, internet connection, and a usb cable to connect your phone to your computer, you are ready to free your phone!

Time Efficient

Remote Services saves you time on heading to a physical store, eliminates the time required to wait for your device to get unlocked either by unlock codes or server based unlocks. Do not wait any longer, get your deviced serviced from home today!

100% Secured

We prioritize on matching our professional services with our client's safety. Our website relies on securing our client's connection throughout the entire process & is fully SSL encrypted from end to end, reassuring our clients that their information, transaction, and connection are all safe.

How do I get started?

All our Remote Services are done in 3 easy steps:

Step 1 - Lookup your IMEI

Dial *#06#
on your phone

  • This will provide you with your device's IMEI
  • Write down the 15 numbers of your IMEI somewhere nearby

Step 2 - Prepare Remote Connection

Download Teamviewer
on your Windows Computer

  • Run Teamviewer and please write down the following nearby:
  • Teamviewer ID
  • Teamviewer Password
  • If you do not have teamviewer installed, you may download it by clicking the button below:

Step 3 - Get your phone serviced

Free Your Phone
Let us do the rest

  • Our Expected Delivery Times are:
  • Google FRP Lock Removal: Instant
  • Network Unlock: Instant - 6 Hours
  • IMEI Repair: Instant - 6 Hours

Here are some popular questions

I still owe payments on my phone, can it still be unlocked?
Absolutely! Your device is still eligible to be serviced, regardless of any payments owed on it. Keep in mind however, our services do not remove any unpaid balance you owe.

What are the requirements?
In order to service your device, you will need the following:
Windows Computer
Stable Internet of 50Mbps download & 20Mbps upload
USB Cable
Functional ports (phone & computer)
Device Passwords Removed
You must be present on the computer during the process
In some rare cases, a factory reset will be performed during the process

What if I don't have a windows computer?
Unfortunately our remote services can only work on Windows Computer.

Do you offer any warranty?
All our remote services are covered by our lifetime warranty! Shop safely, securely, and confidently with us.

What are your business hours?
Our business hours are Monday - Sunday from 9AM - 7PM Pacific Standard Time (PST)

What are your payment methods?
We currently support Zelle, CashApp, & Wire Deposits. More payment methods are on the way, stay tuned!

I own a cell phone business, are there any discounted prices?
Yes! Discounted prices are available for cell phone store owners, ebay sellers, wholesellers, technicians, & much more. Simply register on our website & the store owner will contact you to follow up on your registration.

Still got questions?
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